Drum recording

Sound matters.

In my well equipped recording studio in Vienna I record drums for artists all over the world.
I love my work for two main reasons.

Number one:
I love sound. To me, (drum) sounds shape songs. It makes a huge difference if the drum kit sounds open or tight, roomy or dry, warm and soft or sharp and cracking, saturated or clean, brilliant or dampened, close or distant, heavily compressed or with a lots of air, and so much more and everything in between.
The questions I ask myself before each session is: What does the song need? How can I contribute to it’s own unique sound and feel? According to these questions I choose my instruments, microphones and preamp-settings from a wide selection of vintage drums and high-end studio equipment.

Number two:
I love to hear the unique performances when I listen to music. As a drummer it is my rewarding job to enable unique performances or support them. Sometimes that means to “get out of the way”, another time it means to record an extrovert and playful drum track. Sometimes it means to play as quite and soft as I can, another time loud and brutally distorted drums do the song justice. The song is always what matters. How should it feel? What is the message of it?

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